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Indiana Chapter of The Professional Car Society
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John Keel Memorium

funeral of John R. Keel by Tim Fantin

The funeral service for John Keel was a true celebration of his life. It was a memorial that will live on forever for all who attended. John would have been so surprised he touched so many people's lives. John had a large PCS family, which was evident as the PCS members from five states convoyed on the tiny town of Freeland, Michigan for his funeral. Many different chapters and members sent flowers. Nick Bliss and I both spoke about John and what he meant to all of us at the Eulogy. Nick also read some of the kind and heart felt comments that various club members and friends had posted after learning of John's death. The Paul Bearers included Eric Chapman, Nick Bliss, Patrick Martin, Sarah Snook, Jerry Jacobson and myself. George Hamlin volunteered to tape the funeral precession, just as John had done for every funeral entering the Laporte Cemetery in the past few years. Eric Chapman's 1973 Superior Cadillac Limousine Combination was used for the service. Ann had asked Eric and I if we planned on driving a coach up. Since John had remarked repeatedly that Eric's coach was one of the sharpest he had ever seen, we both agreed it would only be fitting. As a matter of fact the last time the 73' was even driven was when John, Eric, and I cruised around on Halloween night. Eric with John riding shotgun then backed it in my Garage for winter storage. I recall John standing there at the door smiling saying beautiful, beautiful, it looks so beautiful under the lights. Patrick Martin's 1985 Bayliff Packard Combination led the precession to the cemetery. Patrick's coach also served as flower car in the service. By the time we arrived at the cemetery it was snowing very heavily. The line of coaches pulling into the long cemetery road looked astonishing and with Eric's combination's red and white beacon flashing it was such a site, I know John would have been proud.
Tim A. Fantin





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